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Dongguan Leide Industrial Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the R & D and manufacturing of digital display precision voltage regulators, intelligent electrical control boxes, variable frequency power supplies, precision industrial oil coolers, precision voltage regulators, oil-cooled integrated machines, and industrial chillers. Comprehensive technology company.


The company has set up a product research and development department, an electronic and electrical equipment department, an assembly workshop and a sales service department. Each product produced by the company has undergone a long period of research and development and experimentation before it came out before being put into production. Take every step seriously, grasp the details, and strive to be perfect and serve the public.


Since its establishment, the company has relied on long-term perfect industry experience and strong scientific and technological innovation strength to implement the national policy guidelines for energy conservation and emission reduction. It has been steadily fighting in the fierce market competition. Many products have been recognized by customers.