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Leide oil cooler

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1. Reid oil cooler is completely environmentally friendly product: it is an environmentally friendly product without compressor, cold coal, and pollution. This is achieved by using the principle of outdoor fresh air evaporative cooling to cool down and convect air exchange with the room to achieve Ventilation cooling purpose.
    2. The operating cost of Reid oil cooler is low, and the investment can be quickly recovered: Compared with the traditional compressor air conditioner series, the power consumption is only 1/8 to 1/10.
    3. The cooling effect of Reid oil cooler is obvious: in humid regions (such as the southern region), it can generally reach a significant cooling effect of about 5-9 ° C; in particularly hot and dry regions (such as the north and northwest), the cooling rate is about Can reach about 10-15 ℃.
    4. Reid oil cooler has low investment cost and does not occupy building area: Compared with the traditional compressor air-conditioning system, the cost is less than half, and the equipment does not occupy any building area.
    5. Reid oil coolers keep indoor air clean, clean, and hygienic: Opening doors and windows for ventilation is a major feature of evaporative air conditioners. One hundred percent of the fresh air replacement method keeps people in the natural environment at all times, completely unconventional. The uncomfortable feeling brought by the air conditioner exhausts the dirty air outdoors.
    6, Leider oil cooler is easy to maintain and install: the system is simple, easy to install and maintain quickly, without the need for professional maintenance personnel.
    7, Reid oil cooler prevents air drying: it can moisturize the skin, and has certain benefits to the skin.
    8. Reid oil cooler has low noise and low vibration: At present, the air conditioner in this kind of domestic products has low noise, which allows us to get fresh and natural cool wind without knowing it; the body itself does not dissipate heat to the surroundings.