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What are the oil cooling machine temperature control methods?

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2020/03/16 10:14
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According to the different needs of various machine tools, the temperature control methods of industrial oil coolers can be divided into:
1, fixed temperature type: that is, directly set the oil temperature to be controlled, regardless of the ambient temperature. The setting range is between 12 ℃ ~ 45 ℃.
2, room temperature homogeneous type: refers to the oil temperature and the ambient temperature maintain a certain temperature difference, that is, when the oil temperature is set to 3 ℃, the actual oil temperature is controlled at the ambient temperature plus 3 ℃, when the ambient temperature rises (falls) At the same time, the oil temperature also rises (falls), but the difference between the oil temperature and the ambient temperature is always maintained at 3 ° C. This method is the best way to cool the spindle lubricant.

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