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How to choose the chiller pump

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2020/03/16 10:16
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Pump selection generally uses a centrifugal type, so it is a matter of determining its flow and head. Determination of pump flow:
We can use the chiller as a system to perform energy balance calculation. The heat entering the system is: cooling capacity plus motor power, heat removed from the system, heat from the cooling water and heat dissipated in the environment, and is omitted to the environment. According to the process requirements (inlet water temperature and outlet water temperature), the flow rate of circulating water can be obtained. If there is a centrifugal refrigerator and a screw chiller, the total maximum cooling capacity is 2637 1231-3947KW. , Its motor power is 467 256 = 723KW, and the total amount of heat (cold) generated by 4670KW needs to be removed. If the cooling water passes the cooling tower from 37 degrees to 32 degrees according to the design requirements, the amount of these heat water It should be: 4670 \ 1.163 * 1000 \ (37-32) = 803.1m3 / h, (1.163 is the conversion coefficient between kilowatts and KCa). In this way, the flow of the pump should be determined. Generally, two pumps can be considered, and one pump can be used in standby mode. To facilitate operation during periods of low temperature.
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