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Company culture

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Knowledge, self-confidence, and frankness-our group awareness
Knowledge-a new generation of intellectuals created in the information age, facing wisdom and vitality to face the future information world
Self-confidence-courage and connotation unite us, giving our group confidence to challenge everything
Honesty-Promote a healthy, sincere, and open-minded mentality
Technology, service, credibility-our battlefield commitment to society
Technology-As a casting and forging industry, we regard technology as the core of the enterprise and advocate technology first
Service-to provide customers and the society with high-quality products is our business goal, but also our means of survival and development
Reputation-is our slogan, but also our code of conduct
Staff, management, creation-modern quality of the company
Employees--Employees share the results they create with the company, continuously improve their working environment, and get employees to feel satisfied and fulfilled at work
Management-The company formulates clear development goals, uses an internationalized management model, gives each employee room for development, and encourages employees' initiative
Creation-The company depends on the creation of employees to reflect social value, and employees create self-worth due to the social value of the company