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What are the dangers of dirt from industrial oil coolers

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2020/03/16 10:12
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In recent years, industrial cooling equipment has been used more and more widely in China, and has gradually become an indispensable professional refrigeration equipment in industrial production. Industrial oil coolers are prone to produce dirt during normal operation. The dirt generated by the operation of this equipment must be treated and removed in a timely manner, otherwise there will be greater harm to the operation of the oil cooler. Next, we will give you Explain what harm the dirt of industrial oil coolers can bring.
  Generally, the dirt deposits or microbial slime of industrial oil coolers cover the heat exchange tube walls of the heat exchanger or even block the heat exchange tubes. The interception area and water flow of the combined circulation water passages are reduced, so that heat exchange Device efficiency is further reduced. The presence of industrial oil cooler dirt is also a bad substance that can corrode equipment and affect the service life of the equipment.

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